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Keeping your garage door in working order isn't an easy task but taking necessary steps can extend its life. Read on here for the best tips on maintaining your door and more.

How to tell if a garage door spring broke

A broken spring is not easy to miss. More than likely, you will have heard a loud bang noise when the unit broke. If the door happens to be in the air when this happens, it will most likely drop suddenly. You should also be able to notice visible damage to the spring itself, a gap of a couple of inches between the coils would be sufficient evidence. Whatever the case may be, don't try to replace the unit yourself as you could get seriously hurt. Let our experts take care of it for you safely and quickly.

Give your opener a thorough examination at least once a year

Your garage door opener is hard at work on a daily basis, so it's a good idea to take some time once a year and to make sure that its different parts are in good working condition. Check the rail, drive, and trolley for physical damage. This includes rust, physical deformations, chips, and dents. If there is minor damage present, the affected component must be fixed without delay. Do not forget to look closely at the mountain brackets too. Check the lenses of the safety sensors and test their functionality to ensure the door is still safe for you to use. Finally, inspect the wiring for fraying, minor cuts, and other potential issues, and have it replaced as needed.

Regularly Replace the Batteries in Your Remote

If you arrive home one day and your garage door fails to open, it’s easy to jump to conclusions and assume there is a serious problem. Often this is simply an issue of dead batteries, so you should remember to change them regularly. This will reduce the panic that sets in, and ensure you can operate your garage door whenever you want.

Teach your kids about garage door safety

An automatic door can be a great investment that will raise not only the monetary value of your home but its physical appearance as well. At the same time, it is still a complex mechanical system that can end up hurting you or your loved ones if you're not careful when you use it. You children are particularly vulnerable, as they are often fascinated by the mechanism and want to play with its reverse features. It's very important that you make sure they fully understand all the dangers and that you instruct them to avoid playing with the door. Make them understand it is not a toy.

Lubricate your garage door on a regular basis

There are different parts of your door that can greatly benefit from a little drop of oil or grease every so often. The rollers and hinges, for example, and the torsion springs too. This will make the movement of the panels much quieter, and will also reduce the wear and tear these components suffer from, which means they'll be able to last longer. After you apply the lubricant, make sure to open and close the door a few times to make sure it spreads evenly.


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